Employee Spotlight

Amidst the war in Ukraine, workforce resilience proves key to AIBODY’s innovation and success

The sun was just rising over Kyiv when Oleksandr’s phone rang and a few grave words from a colleague shattered the morning calm— “The war has begun. Putin is invading Ukraine.”

As the Chief Technology Officer at AIBODY, a pioneering medical technology startup responsible for creating the world’s only digital human organism, Oleksandr Mokin is no stranger to navigating stress and overcoming complex challenges.

Oleksandr helped steer AIBODY’s recent expansion, as the company grew its global team and recruited top talent from emerging technology hotbeds like Ukraine. His team of programmers, digital designers and machine learning specialists continued to push the boundaries of what coding could accomplish, eventually developing a fully scalable cloud-based version of AIBODY’s groundbreaking digital human.

“Our work is truly amazing,” Oleksandr says. “Hundreds of thousands of parameters fitting together like a musical arrangement, and each day we’ve made it more beautiful and complex, uninterrupted until that morning of February 24th.”

Then faced with the unthinkable, Oleksandr jumped into action organizing the evacuation of AIBODY’s Ukrainian employees and their families from Kyiv. One of his first calls was to Daniel Shterndok, a relatively new member of the AIBODY team who’d been brought aboard as Head of Design less than a year prior.

“Oleksandr told me we would all get through this together,” Daniel remembers, “and that once we were all safe our work would continue in parallel with our effort to support our country.” After nearly two days of traveling with the sound of explosions overhead, Daniel made it to Budapest with his wife and three children, and he immediately called his co-workers to make sure everyone was alright. “We spoke with a new urgency and solidarity. The knowledge that we could depend on one another brought us closer as a team and, against the backdrop of the devastation of this senseless war, the lifesaving potential of AIBODY’s technology took on even greater importance.”

With a strengthened sense of purpose and a resilient determination, the AIBODY team pushed forward and employees who relocated throughout Europe were able to return to their work within just weeks. The company has since enjoyed extraordinary success, accelerating the development of their online platform and recently securing a significant partnership with leading medical training company Relias.

Oleksandr credits his team’s uncommon resilience in the face of adversity as a key to AIBODY’s recent success. “We now know that together we are capable of anything. With the confidence that we can truly rely on one another, each member of our team is free to innovate, aim higher, and go farther.”

“AIBODY’s success points to the power of resilience, and now, in a small way, our collective achievements highlight the incredible strength of the people of Ukraine.”

Learn more about AIBODY by visiting www.aibody.io