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Employee Spotlight

Amidst the war in Ukraine, workforce resilience proves key to AIBODY’s innovation and success

AIBODY Partners with Relias

AIBODY, the world’s first Physiology-as-a-Service platform, announced today that it will partner with Relias, the United States-based health...

An Ode to XaaS: Part 2

This is part 2 of a series of posts where I explore the history & current state, and speculate on the future, of one of the most impactful p...
Online Learning

Lifelong Online Learning

A bit of introduction Frankly, we live in wonderful times. The Internet, smartphones, smart cities, self-driving cars, dancing robots, etc. ...

The Challenges of Early-Stage Venture Capital

I like early-stage B2B businesses with the potential to interrupt the status quo.  Healthcare is my particular interest.

An Ode to XaaS

Embarking on the journey of building the unique medical training & education Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool that is AIBODY, I did not kno...
The State of Haptics

The State of Haptics

What is it? For the purposes of this article, I will define “Haptics” as hand-held feedback devices which allow an individual immersed in a ...
Which Framework to Choose: TensorFlow vs. PyTorch

Which Framework to Choose: TensorFlow vs. PyTorch

What are we talking about? The rapid development of deep learning (DL), which is part of the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and is ba...
Where Next for Medical Education in a (post)Pandemic world?

Where Next for Medical Education in a (post)Pandemic world?

Like almost everything else in this world, medical education & training took a hit from COVID-19. Many medical professionals had their focus...
The SPAC basics

The SPAC basics

Hello, Today we take a detour from our usual topics of healthcare, medical education, AI & technology to talk about SPACs. SPACs or Special ...