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Emergency Training
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Emergency Training

Our first product release focuses on cardiology, pulmonology, and bleeding modules for medical education.

Of course, these are the most prominent aspects in first responder emergency medicine for ambulatory, paramedic, military, and volunteer personnel.

We are developing training applications specifically for first responders, based on real-time true to life simulations of common injuries and conditions. Trainees will be able to view the impact of the presenting issue and see vital sign monitoring, multi-parameter impact on blood and relevant organs, then select from a range of potential interventions to maximise preservation of life outcomes.

Our simulations can be accessed individually or in groups, via Browser or Augmented Reality channels.

We can combine our Augmented Reality solution with manikin-based emergency training. Using HoloLens 2 technology, the trainee will be exposed to the training scenario as an integrated visual and haptic experience.

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