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Whilst other human physiology simulation software products are driven by mathematical models designed to mimic aspects of human physiology in order to teach and train, AIBODY is completely different.

Rather than observing physiological behaviour and then creating mathematical models to approximate such behaviour within a software solution, we actually built a digital human being involving the interaction of 132,000 parameters.  We can see the impact of injury or disease, administer drugs, or conduct medical procedures in real-time simulations that account for impact on the whole human organism.


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AIBODY’s web enabled platform is a versatile teaching tool. Students’ theoretical knowledge can be tested in real-time patient simulation exercises within the worlds’ most advanced and accurate physiology engine.  We can facilitate the simulation of virtually all known pathologies and conditions as well as the impact of therapeutic intervention.


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Our AR simulator allows for multiple users to collaborate on practical simulation exercises and explore, learn, and develop together in an immersive environment. These highly interactive sessions create an opportunity for enhancing learning methods and improved transfer of knowledge.  This environment can be achieved for remote collaboration groups.

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