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What is a Digital
Human Organism?

It’s a human being. In digital form. We created a unique model behaving exactly as a real human organism
and we built it from the cellular level up:

  • Basic Chemical Level: We started by building all relevant chemical elements - metals, non-metals, metalloids
  • Chemical compounds level: Chemical bonds were modelled to provide the formation of chemical compounds
  • Cellular level: Fluids and cell organelles were modelled to produce a body cell
  • Tissue level: Cells were brought together to form tissues
  • Organ level: Tissues were combined to form organs
  • Organ system level: Organs were grouped in systems
  • Organism level: The functioning of organ systems was harmonized to produce a human organism
About Diagram

To compute the biochemical transformations which occur in a human organism, we developed unique algorithms of metabolism and built an unparalleled software solution to regulate the interactions which drive the functioning of organ systems.

What is so unique about that?

For the first time ever, our approach made it possible for all interrelated biophysical, physiological and biochemical processes to occur concurrently in a simulation, in real-time. No other commercially available simulator or model can do that.

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AIBODY was created by medical professionals with a passion for technology and technology professionals with a passion for medicine. We are a UK based company, newly spun out by the R&D team of the international technology group AUG Global.

Driven by our desire to advance modern healthcare and save lives, we set out to conquer the limitations of existing medical simulation solutions. This led us on a mission to build the first of its kind Digital Human Organism capable of producing true-to-life responses and simulations. Now that our vision has become reality, we are now able to access multiple opportunities to impact global healthcare priorities.


Richard Littlehales

Richard Littlehales, CEO

Richard is an economist and former finance executive who has exchanged resource modelling and counting beans for visioneering in the brave new world of AI in medical technology.
Alex Ousach

Alex Ousach, Chairman

Alex is a serial entrepreneur and experienced executive who co-founded the social gaming giant Playtika and the technology group AUG Global. Occasionally he takes time off from building great companies to collect rare books and watch football.
Dima Prokhorov

Dima Prokhorov, CPO

With an extensive background in healthcare equipment and medical software development and marketing, Dima is our rock (& roll… he is a huge classic rock fan).
Alex Mokin

Alex Mokin, CTO

Alex is a renowned professor in computer science and a senior AI researcher & data scientist with a strong managerial background and a fairly serious Sci-Fi obsession.
Yevhen Bondarchuk

Yevhen Bondarchuk, CSO

A physician by education and a programmer by heart, Zhenya’s profound knowledge of the human anatomy and physiological processes is a driving force in the development of our physiology models.
Kiril Tasseff

Kiril Tasseff, COO

Kiril is an economist, an experienced financier and now an initiator of new business opportunities and a strategic planner, activities which he fits around his love of dogs and pizza.
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